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Does distance matter? How cultural and physical distance shape our percieved obligations to others
Marshall*, J., & Wilks*, M. 

Children value animals more than adults do - a conceptual replication and extension
Paruzel-Czachura, M., Maier, M., Warmuz, R., Wilks, M., & Caviola, L. 

The relative importance of target and judge characteristics in shaping the moral circle
Jaeger*, B., & Wilks*, M. 


Who gives? Characteristics of those who have taken the Giving What We Can pledge

Journal of Personality (2023)

Wilks, M., McCurdy, J., & Bloom, P. 

Extending perspective taking to non-human animals and artificial entities 

Social Cognition (2023)

Ladak, A., Wilks, M., & Anthis, J. R.

Reduce by how much? Calibrating meat reduction appeals to maximize their effectiveness

Psychology of Human-Animal Intergroup Relations (2023)

Cameron*, S., Wilks*, M., Jaeger, B.

How do children value animals? A developmental review

Psychology of Human-Animal Intergroup Relations (2022)
Neldner, K., & Wilks, M. 

I may not like you, but I still care: Children differentiate moral concern from other constructs

Developmental Psychology (2023)

Neldner, K., Wilks, M., Crimston, C., RMW, Jaymes., Nielsen, M. 

Testing the bounds of compassion in young children

Royal Society Open Science (2023) 

  Kirby, J., Kirkland, K., Wilks, M., Green, M., Tanjitpiyanond, P., Chowdhury, N., & Nielsen, M.

A lego-wall between us: Promoting the adoption of a superordinate goal in an unequal world

Frontiers in Psychology (2023)

  Kirkland, K., Jetten, J., Wilks, M., & Kirby, J. (2022). 

Children prefer natural food, too
Developmental Psychology (2022) 

  Wilks, M., & Bloom, P. 

The effect of moral character on children's judgments of transgressions

Cognitive Development (2022)
Cameron, S., Wilks, M., Redshaw, J., & Nielsen, M.

Interventions that influence animal product consumption: A meta-review

  Future Foods (2022)
Grundy, E., Slattery, P., Saeri, A., Watkins, K., Houlden, T., Farr, N., Askin, H., Lee, J., Mintoft-Jones,  A., Cyna, S., Dziegielewski, A., Gelber, R., Rowe,  A., Mathur, M., Timmons, S., Zhao, K., Wilks, M.,  Peacock, J.,  Harris,  J., Rosenfeld, D., Bryant, C., Moss, D., & Noetel, M. 

Children prioritize humans over animals less than adults do
Psychological Science (2021)
Wilks*, M., Caviola*, L.,  Kahane, G., & Bloom, P. 

What does it mean to say that cultured meat is unnatural?
Appetite (2021)
Wilks, M., Hornsey, M., & Bloom, P. 

Does helping now excuse cheating later? An investigation into moral-self licensing in children
Royal Society Open Science (2021)
Cameron, S., Wilks, M., & Nielsen, M.

Children’s experience of economic inequality: How earning position influences prosocial behavior

Cognitive Development (2021) 

  Kirkland, K., Jetten, J., Wilks, M., & Nielsen, M. 

How economic inequality affects prosocial behavior in children across development

Journal of Experimental Child Psychology (2021) 

  Kirkland, K., Jetten, J., Wilks, M., & Nielsen, M. 

Developmental changes in the percieved moral standing of robots 

  Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (2021) 

  Reinecke, M. G., Wilks, M., & Bloom, P.

Positive and negative attitudes towards compassion predict compassionate outcomes
Current Psychology (2021)
Kirby, J. N., Seppälä, E., Wilks, M., Cameron, C. D., Tellegen, C. L., Nguyen, D. T. H.,
Misra, S., Simon- Thomas, E., Feinberg, M., Martin, D., & Doty, J. R. 

Testing potential psychological predictors of attitudes to cultured meat
Appetite (2019)
Wilks, M., Phillips, J.C., Fielding, K., & Hornsey, M.  

A cross cultural investigation of children’s willingness to imitate prosocial and antisocial groups
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology (2019) 
  Wilks, M., Redshaw, J., Mushin, I., & Nielsen, M.

Children’s perceptions of the moral worth of live agents, robots, and inanimate objects
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology (2019)
Sommer, K., Nielsen, M., Draheim, M., Redshaw, J., Vanman, E., & Wilks, M.

Developmental changes in young children's willingness to copy the antisocial actions of ingroup members in a minimal group context
Developmental Psychology (2018)
Wilks, M., Kirby, J. N., & Nielsen, M.

Children imitate antisocial in-group members
Developmental Science (2018)
Wilks, M., Kirby, J. N., & Nielsen, M.

The developmental origins of moral expansiveness
PLOS One (2018)
Nelder*, K., Crimston*, C., Wilks, M., Redshaw, J., & Nielsen, M.

Young children from three diverse cultures spontaneously and consistently prepare for alternative future possibilities
Child Development (2018)
Redshaw, J., Suddendorf, T., Neldner, K., Wilks, M., Mushin, I., Tomaselli, K., & Nielsen, M.

Children disassociate from antisocial in-group members
  Journal of Experimental Child Psychology (2017)
Wilks, M., & Nielsen, M. 

Attitudes to in vitro meat: A survey of potential consumers in the United States
PLoS One (2017)
Wilks, M. & Phillips, J. C.

Preschool's children's learning proclivities: when the ritual stance trumps the instrumental stance
British Journal of Developmental Psychology (2016)
  Wilks, M., Kapitany, R., & Nielsen, M.

Preschool children favor copying a successful individual over an unsuccessful group
Developmental Science (2015)
Wilks, M., Collier-baker, E., & Nielsen, M.

Chapters and White Papers 

Accelerating consumer adoption of plant-based meat
Szejda, K., Urbanovich, T., & Wilks, M.
A collection of five working papers (2020)

Is there a future for cattle farming?
Phillips. J. C., & Wilks, M.
In Environmental, health and business opportunities in the new meat alternatives market (2019)

Consumer attitudes and acceptance of clean meat
Wilks, M
In Reference Module in Food Science (2018)